Edited Dubstep-Gun-Addon is showing an error


on our ttt-server we’re using a dubsteb-gun addon, now i wanted to change the song played when you shoot by doing this:

I took the addon which i downloaded from the workshop before and exctracted it with the gmad.exe. Then i exchanged the sound-files with new files which have exactly the same name and format.
After this i packed the addon-folder back to a .gma-file by using the gmad.exe again and put it in the addons-folder of my client. Also i copied the UNPACKED version of the edited addon into the addons-folder of the server.

I went sure that there is no single difference between client-addon and the server-addon except the format, again: One is a .gma (client) and the “other” one is a extracted .gma, a folder (server).

Well, i dont know why but it doesnt work. I can see the item in the traitor-menu but it has no textures and it doesnt play any sounds. You’re holding a big error when equipping it but it shoots normal projectils which do damage.
The only problem are the textures and the sound, both aren’t there and i dont know why.

Hope you can help me!


Solved it! :slight_smile:

Unpacked the .gma in the server-addons-folder and it worked!