Edited Map Problems

I’m recently began mapping for Gmod, and I wanted to edit a previously downloaded map to my liking. I changed the overall size, removed a few props, added percipitation, and changed the skybox. The resize worked fine, the percipitation worked fine. Long story short, the changes I made were fine, but the surface of the water wouldn’t show up, and and around the map was the structure of the map, but extremely large. Forgive me for not being too specific, but I don’t know what you would call it. Any help is useful.

Can you get us some ingame screenshots? Also did you decomplile the map or get an original .vmf file?

I would, but I’m reletively new to the forums, and I don’t know how to post pictures. And I did decompile a bsp.

url of picture(uploading it to photobucket or something)

Well theres your problem.
Don’t decompile unless its for learning, it messes stuff up.

Thanks. But heres the images anyway.

This shows the map and the monster above it.


And this is another one showing where the water SHOULD be seen.


Just in case this is fixable. Just a little hope on my part.

There’s only one way to fix it, and it’s to remake the entire map.

For one, use direct image links for your images, such as:

And, don’t decomiple a .bsp, edit it, and expect to recompile without any problems. Not only because it’s a bit disrespectful to the original author (if you haven’t asked him/her), but it entirely tends to cause problems with brushwork. The basic part is when you’re compiling the original .vmf, it loses certain data to vbsp (the compiling tool that in short builds the world), such as backsides of brushes. These certain faces are stripped from vbsp if they’re either touching the void, or completely covered by a larger face. When you’re using vmex to decompile the .bsp, the program is trying to “estimate” where these missing info, such as backsides, are. In a lot of cases, vmex gets them wrong, especially in the more complex brushwork, which results in invalid brushes, and can be known to cause problems with optimization.

In short, only decompile the maps to figure out how the original mapper did some entity work you’d be interested in.

Thanks guys. Like I said, I’m new. And I have heard VMEX sorta screws up the map. So I’m going to stick to being original. Again, thanks.

You should only really use a decompiler to look at how a map was made and to get ideas otherwise it makes the .bsp useless.

You going to be original, but you decompiled a map and then edited it for yourself.
Don’t decompile ever again. Ever. Unless you want to check out entwork.
We are not going to help you fix the problem.

You should read more carefully and post with a less aggressive stance. He already accepted the problem and said he’d make his own work from now on.