Editing a duck model?

Hey, if someone could rig this duck to have bones, like to move its head and feet, and if you could edit it so its mouth opens (And just have a black texture or something for the inside of the mouth) I’ll get you a $10 steam game, or something worth $10. If you can do this pm me, thanks.

Here is the duck model extracted https://www.dropbox.com/s/xh2ik2iljudvxqn/Ducky.rar?dl=0

Well after downloading 3ds max and managing to port the smd in, im completely lost. The offer is still up to anyone.

I might be able to do it. I did do a Beaver at some point. UV mapped and textured him from scratch, rigged to valvebiped of all rigs. PM me I guess? lol.