Editing a gmod model in 3ds max?

Hello. I went ahead and downloaded a student version of 3ds max, since I saw it praised quite a bit.
What I would like to do is edit the miss Pauling model:

I want to get rid of the hair in the back, for a short haired version or further hair editing. I noticed that the bit was invisible on the inside:

This made me think that I could delete it or possibly body group it. Any tips or ideas on how to go about this?

Well, First off.
You have to get it into SMD Format, then you download the SMD Import / Export for 3DS Max.

Then import the Reference smd.

And use the “editable mesh” Modifier, and select this —>


And select the Hair, then delete it, then select the Skin Modifier, and Export it as SMD Then Compile.

Don’t worry, you shouldn’t need to convert it to SMD format. While it needs to be exported as an SMD before compiling, the initial format can be anything that can be imported into max either by the vanilla program or by plugins.

If you’d prefer to split the hair into a separate bodygroup rather than removing it entirely, use the detach button instead and export both meshes (with the skeleton) separately. You can find more about compiling bodygroups here.

Yea, what he said ^^

Actually, I forgot to ask: Is this model already available for use in Source? In other words, does it need to be decompiled or is it being ported from a different game? It looks like it’s from TF2, but I never really play it so I’m clueless on that.

She*? idk.