Editing a lua file changes my Darkrp tab menu back to the stock one

I had found the fix for this and then one of my admin stupidly did a restore on the system and stupid me i didnt save the link is anyone able to help me with this I know its a few lines of code i have to add to the cl_init.lua in gamemode dir

Just restore the files from the GitHub.

thats not the issue it was a custom line of code I found that made it so when you changed a lua file it didnt default back to the stock tab menu

When I fixed a scoreboard for someone, they told me in their addons/darkrpmodifications/config file, there is a line to disable FPPAdmin or something for the new scoreboard to show…

I don’t know much about DarkRP; those questions are typically asked and answered here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1249475

If you updated the SVN, it may be possible to undo the change by right clicking the directory, and reverting using tortoise or whatever.

BTW i found the code i needed anyone that needs it place this at the end of your cl_init.lua and now if you edit a file your menus wont revert to the stock ones

timer.Simple(0.7,function() – Override –
GAMEMODE.ShowSpare2 = ChangeJobVGUI