Editing a player for a gamemode

I am making a custom game-mode called hunt, where there is 1 “wolf” which has alot of unique abilities like speed, grabbing things with tentacles lol, ect, and small animels like a rabbit or a fox. In a way it’s like a mix between zombie survival and hide-and-seek but a little more fast passed and vicious. Anyway I need to know how to change the player height, walk and sprint speed, crouch height, jump height, ect. Also what file to edit XD It will use custom models, I’m halfway through making the map for it, which is beutiful, and I just need at least the custom players for now. I’ll deal with the more complex things like the controls for the “wolf” and models and stuff like that later. I’m really ignorant with lua XD But I’m a great mapper. Thank you.

if ply:Team == 1 then - else end

alright that’s a start, what do I save the file as and where?


I messed around with it based on the gmod wiki. I dunno if this will work but will anything like this do? For the jump height and player height? I have some experience with C++ which looks alot like this in some ways but this seems more flexible.

if ply:Team == 1 then 
	ply:SetVelocity(ply:GetUp() * 175);
	ply.JumpCheck = true;
	ply.camera = {back = 50, z = 20}
	ply.SetRunSpeed (250)

If you want to use a function on a player use “:”, if you’re changing a property of the player use “.” .

So in this case the last 3 are wrong.

LOL! well at least I’m not the only one that does that!

You need to save that script that you posted into the Init.lua of your gamemode