Editing a players inventory


I’m with multiplay, they have an awesome control panel which allows you to do many things.

You also have the option to download the players info/player, but when I open it is a .bin file that is compiled.

I contacted them and they said that there isn’t a way to edit it unless someone creates an oxide mod or something for it.

So what I’m asking is, is there any mod or way to edit a players information i.e inventory while they arn’t playing? I’m curious for a donation system I’m doing.


Would love to know this as well. Someone exploited the Economy mod on our server recently and farmed an obscene amount of C4. I just downloaded the Explosive Remover plugin to remove everyone’s C4, but that was a bit like killing a gnat with a sledgehammer. It would have been nice to be able to take a more surgical approach…

It’s a shame we can’t have nice things without douche bags trying to ruin it for everyone. I downloaded the Econ mod so that players could buy weapons/armor to quickly get back on their feet after getting raided. Instead, some twit exploits it in order get tons of C4 and raid nearly every single player on the server overnight.

I have done some research on it, I will see if I can make a tool for it.

It would be great if the text was readable, so I could do some PHP to parse it, edit it, and save it.

Thats the library they use