Editing a weapon's damage in gmod

Hi, I recently started coding for a single player darkrp server. I added jobs and stuff. With a few jobs I added a weapon called the “Gangsta P99”. That gun is a 1 shot kill with headshots, and it’s all around damage is to high. I soon plan to take my code to an actual dedicated multiplayer server. So my question is how do I lower the damage of the Gangsta P99? I tried opening the file and editing the base damage, but then my gmod doesn’t open and I have to delete the p99 file. Please help.

Link to weapon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293563132

Edit the file and after that show us the code.

You’ll have to extract it via gmad and edit the lua file then upload it as a legacy addon as workshop files have priority

You’ll have to find a line that defines the damage after you’ve extracted it.

Alright, thanks guys, I’ll be in touch after I edit/extract it.

You can also scale the damage with damageinfo and create a table that changes the damage based on the weapon :godzing: but hey who listens to me anymore:quotes: