Editing bones on a SWEP

Hey FP… Small problem I got here. I’ve been messing around with some SWEPS and instead of firing the shitty default animation for the firing, I wanted to use viewpunch. But when you do this the bolt doesn’t come back.
So I looked around the wiki(new and old) and came up with this -

	local boltbone = self:LookupBone( "bolt" ) -- used swep construction kit to find out the name of the bone
	local pos, ang = self:GetBonePosition( boltbone ) -- the bone ID is 46
	if CLIENT then
	-- self:ManipulateBonePosition( boltbone, pos + Vector( 5, 0, 0 ) )
	self:SetBonePosition( boltbone, pos + Vector( 500, 0, 0 ), ang ) end

I have tried both entity:ManipulateBonePosition() and entity:SetBonePosition() and neither seem to be working for me. I feel like there is something really simple I’m missing here.

Sorry if this is a nub question, haven’t ever touched bones before. Good day to yall. :slight_smile:

Bump… anyone?

Use self:GetViewModel():… instead of just self:…

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Clientside only