Editing Player Loadout

Basically, I’m trying to replace my current loadout (crowbar, gravity gun, phys gun, pistol, revolver, smg1, AR2, shotgun, crossbow, RPG, Camera, toolgun - the default HL2 weapons and Gmod items), to remove unused items (aka: most the HL2 weapons), and replace them with a more favorable loadout of addon weapons and/or CSS weaponry.

and remove or add items as I please. Makes sense to me.
that leaves me with two problems.

#1. I’m uncertain of the weapon names. I’m thinking it’s the name of the folder in “addons/Swep name/lua/weapons”, but really have no clue. and I can’t test my hypothesis because of:
#2. When I do edit, the file immediately reverts back to its original settings the moment I launch the game. For example, I’ll remove “pl:Give( “weapon_crossbow” )”, but then it’ll be in my inventory when I load a game. then checking the “init.lua” file, It’s as if I never edited it.

I forgot I made this thread, and ended up making a similar one in Help & Support.
I still haven’t figured it out, and now init.lau is no longer present in “gamemodes\sandbox\gamemode”.

  1. Yes it is the folder name.
  2. Copy the entire gamemode folder, rename it and then edit it. Change the gamemode to your new gamemode when you load your game.

So what you’re saying is to copy sandbox, and instead name it something like “sandbox2”, then edit the file, load the game, and load sandbox2 as the game mode?
That seemed to work for the loadout, but now all my spawnmenus are blank.

If you meant to copy, edit, and overwrite the original gamemode, that still changes the init.lua back to normal.


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I forgot I had this thread. Bumping cuz I still need help.
And I can’t find init.lua anymore.