editing ragdolls?

dl’ed gm_mount2 yesterday, and I was messing around with the Dark Messiah models (the White Bone dragon specifically) on gm_skylife when I got an idea for a screenshot that I could take using the White Bone Dragon.

Only problem is, its right leg doesn’t have the same range of movement that the left does (the left acts like a regular leg in terms of range of movement, the right can barely be moved at all) and its really annoying trying to pose something when one of its legs doesn’t move a whole lot.

Long story short, the whole model could use a lot of work to make it better (the idea I had would be much easier if its jaw could open and close, along with the fixing the leg problem), along with making all of the DM models finger pose able.

My question is, what programs would I need to fix 'em?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Also, given that the search bar is down, I’d normally search for the answer, but I can’t, hence this topic

Can someone at least give me a link to a tutorial I can use?