Editing test "Soldier held at Gunpoint by redhead"

http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/1340/heldatgunpoint.jpg This is my first real edited picture, still kind of getting used to Photoshop so…please don’t be too harsh. Basically it’s some chick sneaking up on a soldier looking through an abandoned house. It’s actually for a story I’m working on in school so might make more.

really hard to tell whats going on,
posing looks alright… but angle could be better
i guess pretty good for a first edit, but i cant really tell what you edited

the way you posed the helmet is kinda off, and as hellfire said it’s really hard to tell what’s going on

What is so hard to understand? Stop acting like a retard , use your brains for a sec.
And he didn’t pose the helmet himself. It’s how the model is.

Looks like she’s holding the handgun

like that.

I spent four minutes looking at the picture to try and figure out what was happening

But none the less, Good picture!

but the aa3 hack pack doesn’t contain helmets on the soldiers then ?! wtf ?

Really under-contrasted and the soldier looks like he’s pelvic-thrusting.


So seductive

Posing is good but really awkward considering the situation