Editing Test!

Please Comment on mainly the editing if you could please
I know it’s not the greatest, but it sure is something, and I know it’s a snow map. But I forgot to edit in the snow and so now your left with this, will most likely do a V2 But maybe.

Oh yeah, and this is my first pose on my new 32 Inch Monitor :buddy:


(Note; The blood edit also)

C&C <–Mainly on the Editing

And yes, I know Niko is not Aiming at anyone,a nd the sparks on the car look like shit. Oh yeah and I did some Cloning/Healing on the door behind the girl, there was bloodall over the top of the door for some reason when I panited on the blood. I don’t know why.

The flash looks okay, although slightly off-angle (and it’s a really overused flash). Smoke looks decent.

Don’t forget ejecting shells! Detail counts!


Thanks Chesty, your always so helpful :razz:

Oh yeah and for the flash, it’s the only half decent one that i ould find that didn’t look like some PS Shit.


is it winter or is there no ground?

No, the muzzleflash’s bright is strong.

Sorry, doesn’t feel like I’m looking at GTA4.