"Eendracht maakt macht"


There is strenght in numbers

as good as your lighting is
you really need to do something about that contrast being blown up

The problem is that I don’t know how to fix that, I’ve tried all I could do, such as increasing the luminosity in Gimp, reducing the contrast or brightening the lighting so that it ends up being not too contrasty other people monitors.

That Polish beret is really bugging me, in an otherwise great screenshot.

I tought it had a skingroup with no insignias but well…

how high do you set your lamp brightness and contrast in-game? for higher contrast post-processing you shouldn’t really be setting lights any higher than 0.6 or 0.7 at the most. you might also try setting the bloom equally low, sometimes that’s what does it

Way too much bloom imo

And I just spotted a lamp in the sky

I really dont like that camo. Lighting looks good tho

How dare you say the jigsaw camo is ugly

Shame on you

because it is.

No, it’s beautiful and you can’t say anything else than that.

Dude aiming has his finger through the trigger guard.

Pic is really great hauptmann, prop positioning, angle, posing, all great. Wish you added more ambient occlusion though, like shadows underneath the helmets and such. Not sure what people saying about contrast though, it seems fine to me.

also looks like you used the same heads like 4 times

Thank the Arma heads for that.

Fruity Pebbles Camo, mmm.