EF_BONEMERGE draw at a different point

trying to get a Clientsidemodel that’s got EF_BONEMERGE to draw at an arbitrary point; say, the map origin, but it doesn’t seem to be working, instead it just draws where the player (it’s parent) is. Anyway to get it to draw somewhere else?

If I recall correctly, bonemerged entities draw with their parent, it’s kind of hardwired in the engine. The hotfix I found was calling ply:SetNoDraw(true) on the player, then drawing the player itself elsewhere, then calling ply:SetNoDraw(false).

Two things to keep in mind, one, entities can draw at only one place at once, and two, unless you modify an entity’s DrawModel hook it’s gonna draw where it’s meant to be when parented.

Ok, that problem (mostly) solved by telling BuildBonePositions to draw the bones with an offset, but clearly I’m missing bones from my bone list:



		local playerBones = { 
	--"ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_RH",  --ignore, it's unwritable
	--"ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_LH",  --ignore, it's unwritable



The Charple model seems to not have these bones; so this is what I’m going for;


Can anyone tell me what bones I’m missing/how to fix this?

Impossible to fix. If you’re lacking bones then you’re lacking bones. The only way to fix that is to recompile the model with the adequate skeleton, or find a parent model that has the child’s boneset.

I’m not missing bones from the model; I just dunno what bone I forgot to put in the list thar - these are all the default gmod player models

I think you are missing some finger bones. Lurk around in SDK for those.