Effect Tutorials?

I know, a stupid question. I was just wondering if there were any out there.

Yeah, i wouldn’t mind one too, anyone?

Dont you need to animate it or code is enough to describe the looks.

What part of that answers my question at all?

What your moaning about? Cant I have a freedom of speech? And yes, I just given another question, since I wasnt sure if tutorials for lua or animating. So ye I just expand your question. Yes I am a noob and not many people in these forums are friendly.

It’s a respect thing - you basically hijacked his thread with a question if your own. Next time make a thread about it or try it.

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Fair enough. I am new to these forums and I will eventually get used to hijacking thing. Live and learn :wink:

Still doesn’t answer my question. NO TUTS ON EFFECTS. Jesus christ.

Think you kinda answered your own question there, didnt you.