Effects Request. Wiki is useless :/

Hello, anyone know how to script effects? I need a sort of a flare effect where the bottom emits a bright red color and emits some small smoke particles and get slightly bigger as they rise.

I looked on the Wiki and none of the pages were created or contained no helpfull information

Pl0x and thank you.

Well, you could of course code an entity of it yourself, say… the entity name could be Teh_Flare and in that entity you would set the world model, say i dunno a m4a1 just for the random facter models/weapons/v_rif_m4a1.mdl then i guess you would have to make some locals and add the smoke, the patricales you could use from css, Hope this gives you some ideas.

Explain how? I know what i want to do, the question is HOW to do it. there are no pages up on the wiki that tell you HOW to make an effect like smoke. thats exactly why im posting this thread here.

hmm… take this for example, something i made for MC2R

entity name ent_dodsmoke

“PART OF” init.lua

some of the code is from worshipper, since his base is being used.

function ENT:Initialize()

	self.Entity:PhysicsInit( SOLID_VPHYSICS )
	self.Entity:SetMoveType( MOVETYPE_VPHYSICS )
	self.Entity:SetSolid( SOLID_VPHYSICS )
	self.Entity:DrawShadow( false )
	self.Entity:SetCollisionGroup( COLLISION_GROUP_WEAPON )
	self.Entity:SetNetworkedString("Owner", "World")
	local phys = self.Entity:GetPhysicsObject()
	if (phys:IsValid()) then
	self.timer = CurTime() + 3

that jsut sets the world model, but heres what your want.

this is “PART” of cl_init.lua of the entity

function ENT:Think()

	self.SmokeTimer = self.SmokeTimer or 0

	if ( self.SmokeTimer > CurTime() ) then return end
	self.SmokeTimer = CurTime() + 0.2

	local vPos = Vector(math.Rand(-100, 100), math.Rand(-100, 100), 0);

	local vOffset = self.Entity:LocalToWorld( Vector(0, 0, self.Entity:OBBMins().z) )

	local emitter = ParticleEmitter( vOffset )
	if self.timer < CurTime() then
		local smoke = emitter:Add( "particle/particle_smokegrenade", vOffset + vPos )
		smoke:SetVelocity(VectorRand() * math.Rand(175, 250))
		smoke:SetGravity(Vector((math.Rand(-50, 120)),(math.Rand(-50, 120)),(math.Rand(0, 120))))
		smoke:SetStartAlpha(math.Rand(65, 70))
		smoke:SetStartSize(math.Rand(230, 250))
		smoke:SetRoll(math.Rand(-180, 180))
		smoke:SetColor(20, 20, 200)


theres your smoke, mine is green, since its for calling reinforcemtns just set the color to 100 100 100 for white, good luck.

Perfect! Just what I need! Except green isn’t the color I really want, but atleast that will simple to change with SetColor. Thanks a bunch Wizey!

Do you know where I could find a list of particles for future refrence?

Well, you could check the gfcs of Counter strike source, and half life 2.

You could use ent.Create + env_flare if your lazy like me :stuck_out_tongue:

whats the evn_flare do?

env_flare is an entity used in half life 2, remeber in half life 2? when you where walking down the dark corridor, and the combine shot flares down the hall way before ambushing you? thats a env_flare i do belive.

Oh SHIET! That’s perfect! oh and by the way Wizey, with hours of editing i still could not get your code to work. I simply have no idea how all the effects work and its kinda hard to learn it without any description on what does what. It probably would have been a lot nicer than the env_flare but I couldn’t get it to work. But anyways I appreciate the help.

(and I saw the thread where Falco was bashing you about you trying to make yourself seem like a girl, personally it doesn’t matter to me because your a random person on the internet who probably lives miles and miles away from me whom I will never meet. So on that note my opinion is: Who gives a shit Zoey?

Yeah i know… Hes been on my case ever since my brother started acting crazy, anyway, sorry to hear you coudlnt get it working, Good luck next time.