Efficient Hunter

So I have been thinking about how we take meat from animals in Rust, and I think it would be a good idea to implement a butchers table. The idea is to allow players to collect parts of the whole animal and then return them to base for proper processing. Allowing the player to gain additional resources and maybe “Big Bones” for certain weapons?!

An additional idea for the project would be to implement a small “mini game” of processing the meat using different tools.

Just an idea! Let me know what you think and vote!

Not a bad idea, maybe you can pull the skin off and get double the cloth by processing it. It could be simple enough to implement, maybe the last hit gives you an animal carcass that’s only useful if you bring it to a bench.
I’ve seen mini-games suggested for the code lock too, to be honest, it’s not an element I would want to see.

Yes, and thank you! Instead of a whole carcass being picked up quickly, making the player quarter the animal will add realistic aspects because of weight and size. Also, doing that will retain some of the survival aspect by forcing the player to remain at the target for a period of time.

That doesn’t sound very fun

well as of now the player has to remain at the carcass for a while to cut. If they were to implement this system, the player would have the choice of using the quartered meat as is to get supplies; or they can take the quarters back to a butchers table to increase the quantities.

in reality it would be adding one step to the process of gathering from animals as is, and a reward for players who take the time to do it right!

Also, a small chance of receiving a large hide? something used for different kinds of items; rug, blanket, cloak, or even trophy lol


Well im pretty sure they have models for arms, legs, torso, and skull. Would be sweet to have an arm or leg club to use. Maybe even heads on spikes!

I think what Garry really needs to do is implement a system for carrying heavy thing with both hands that slows and disables your ability to use items.

Several ideas are inhibited by the lack of such a system in my opinion.

Off the top of my head:
1.Powder barrels for breaching
2.Carrying players/ animals
3. Moving items( I imagine generators or ladders)

Plus I think similar to the animal butchering idea it might be cool if you could drag back car parts or machinery to use or break down for higher yields than what would be given for scrapping them on the spot.

I would love to see players working together to move high value(bombs, resources, tech) back to their home or local processing facility.

This is a really cool idea. It would be cool to see what animals could give you what and how they are used.

Great idea! The ability to ‘drag’ an object of immense size would be more realistic and definitely a great group project for some of the bigger items.
A system i would like to see is high value/weight items would require the use of 1 horse + player to move; or 3 or more players to attach to object to move.
If one were so inclined, they could make the movement mechanism utilize all players attached to object; requiring more teamwork skill to get task done.

Also, Yes! I think that it would be awesome to have clothes that represent the animal it came from. I saw the concept for wolf armor in a past devblog, but maybe it was something like this that they need; to have a way to make more items than using just the basic cloth and such.