Egg+Seed+Plant Request

Hello guys,

I have no modelling skills whatsoever and i was hoping someone or some people could make these simple requests.

All I need are

[li]A Small egg (soda can size)[/li][li]A largish egg (watermelon size) <- Not really needed just a bonus[/li][li]A watermelon plant that is smallish. I don’t really care how it looks let yourselves free on it if you decide to try.[/li][/ul]

[li]A seed (half the size of a soda can or roughly the size of the snowman’s carrot in c_office) Green[/li][/ul]
Thanks if you even consider it!

I might do it, if I find time.


Simple test render of the egg. I’m not 100% happy with the texture, it seems too yellow, but I’ll fix that. The grid is set to 1 Hammer unit, or about an inch. I’ll have it in-game within half an hour. I’ll make three simple skins: normal white, yellowish, and brown.


“Do you expect me to… juggle?

I originally just put Breen in to show scale, but that expression just made me laugh.

Could you do one pinkish? but very light pink though, Also they look great! Is it possible you could do them smaller? if not they are fine like they are!

Sure, I can scale it down a bit, add a light pinkish one.

Oh thanks so much! Are you going to do the large egg + seed and plant aswell? if not it is okay!

I’ll do the large egg, rescaling stuff is extremely easy. Not sure about the seed, and a probable no on the plant, sorry.

Okay it’s fine, the eggs are great by themselves!

Isen’t there egg models in PHX?


I Lol’d