Egg_Toasters Unreleased Metrocop Skin

I made this about 2 months ago for personal uses, but Christmas was coming so I wanted to
give all the FPers a gift.

The readme and credits are in the folder
Sorry for not uploading pics, I am a little lazy right now.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanikah, Happy Holidays, Merry Kwanza or whatever you want.

Thanks for uploading pictures for me.

Kinda basic

attempt to play on “Unreleased” in threat title, reskin is very basic, simple recolor.
Next time don’t try ot trick people wiht threadnames.

So are you saying its bad or good?

Compared to others, I’d have to say bad…if it’s your first work however, I dunno how to rate it. It’s been said over and over, the reskin is very basic, there’s nothing different that I can see except different eye color.

lol looks like the normal…

i hardly c teh diffuwence

It’s spelled Hannakuh(I hope. Don’t blame me, I’m not Jewish). Yeah, it’s pretty simple.

It looks low res

Doesn’t work well in MP. He gets glossy at a certain distance.

Its a T-1000 Metrocop :byodood:

I’ll try to fix that.

it aint unreleased now is it