EGI Gaming, Better than sex!

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EGI Gaming started out as a branch off of E.G. Interactive, which was founded back in late 2005. In mid-2008, EGI Gaming was branched off to its own independent area of the company. Our first server was a San Andreas Multiplayer server, which ran a roleplay game mode, known as “The Godfather”.

After that, the server was shut down due to lack of players, so we moved on to bigger and better things. We decided to settle on Garry’s Mod servers, because we like the way it is structured, and how interesting they are to run. Now we own 1 server. The very successful EGI Build to Kill.

We believe the only thing that would make EGI Gaming better is… YOU.

So join our servers today.


Link to EGI Gaming’s Website


Thats the first EGI Gaming Group Picture.

EGI Funnies!: Retards N Wheelchairs

EGI Funnies!: Spazzing Horse Shit

Weapons Packs
EGI Gaming now has it’s own Weapons pack
Download it here! -

It looked pretty nice until that banner at the bottom, makes me not want to join

was a good server, is now shit

Sorry bro, but thats the meaning of EGI were one of the last servers that allow RDM.

I’m not talking about the RDM i’m talking about that its badly made.

Heres a quick one i whipped up, not very good but you can use it if you think its any better

How would you know it’s better than sex if all of you are virgins?

Well im no virgin bro.

Another FPer attempting to stay out of the virgin crowd - not surprised.

Then you’ve had realy REALY REALY bad sex.

Lying about it makes you worse.
Your little pun backfired since your community is in fact, not better than sex. Just admit it, move on, and everyone will be happy.

So basically, you’re a server where people just run around shooting each other rather than actually build interesting and creative contraptions?

it’d be alright if there wasn’t people killing you all the time

Joined the server before. Spawned and the whole spawn of flatgrass was just blood, people running round killing each other and props flying all over.

An incredibly shitty server.

If you call that “better than sex” then you must be fucking a brick.

These guys clearly don’t know what they’re missing.

No, I know what I’m missing. I tried the server. It sucked as much as the other 50,000 shitty servers run by minges and little kids.

Just face that your server is terrible, and then maybe you can begin to accept criticism and make it worthwhile.

I was meaning the OP.

Oh, I see. My apologies my fine chap. Carry on then.

Better than sex

So your saying while I’m on your server I will feel excitement, rapid heart beat, heavy breathing, sweaty, and pleasure? Let me join now!