EGM (Entity Gamemode) v1

This is something I’ve been meaning to release for a while now but got bogged down by things like school work and Borderlands.

Basic idea of the original was to have mini gamemodes running within a server, so you didn’t have to change the map to play something different for a little while.

Original thread here:

This new one expands on that concept a little bit with something I call “sessions”, a session is basically a group of people playing an EGM at the same time, all the functions of the EGM are on a per session basis so you can’t kill people who aren’t DM’ing with you.

I’ve included 4 EGMs with this release:

Assassin - One player is the assassin, the others have to hide from him for a set period of time.
Super Simple Deathmatch - pretty much what it sounds like.
Treasure Hunt - prop is spawned randomly on the map, you have to go find it.
Simon Says - slightly different from the others, the idea being you should carry on doing what you were but have this running to make building more interesting.

If you want to make your own it’s not that hard.

I kinda did this on and off, with varying levels of interest and as such the code is not the best, don’t let this entity be a reflection on me.

Oh and there is probably bugs as I don’t have a real server I can test on, if you spot one give a detailed description and i’ll try and fix asap.


GreyIBlackJay - Testing
: awesome : - EGM icons
Douchey - Testing

Images on download page.


Enjoy, or not w/e

I suppose it’s a interesting concept, a game within a game, so to speak.

Looks really cool, might want to add more EGMs though later, 'cos it seems as if a few of them could get boring easily.

Very awesome job :smiley:

You’ve made it more epic than I had expected!
I love the Derma especially.

Good job!

Any chance you could get it so that the players taking part in DM and Assassin get 100 health an armour? I’d do it myself except I have no idea where to put it.



For SSDM find the function GiveWeps, for Assassin find the function OnSpawn, then add this before the end:

ply:SetArmor( 100 )
ply:SetHealth( 100 )

Thanks for that. Possible glitch however I think i found is after you disconnect and delete a game, you still stay the colour you were in the game.