Egosok's skin releases

These are some of my first skins i have made 3 so far only 2 are good one was to make sure i could skin. I will constantly make skins and take requests if i get better. anyway here are 2 links for 2 of my good skins.

Please comment on facepunch on this thread not because my disqus wont work.

Pretty bad, they look like they were done in paint.

Did it ever come across to you that these skins are horrible?

I am also currently working on a skin for the Metrocop.

These skins doesn’t look very nice, also, turn your graphics on the best quality, the textures are shit on your screens…

yes they are im new to skinning


yes it was done in paint shop pro 8

Then why even release them?

To get feedback and see what i need to work on like the bumpmaps textures quality. This way I can become a good skinner instead of a horrible one like I am now.

You should always refrain from releasing your work if you’re still a novice. It’s perfectly alright to show it off to get feedback though.

if you need feedback why not post in a different section… say wip?
never release anythign you know looks bad, practice more, and dont use anything other then gimp or photshop, otherwise your wasting your time :colbert:

Look where that got you.