EGP Buttons Expression 2 [HELP].

I want to make a variable stay the number it was given.

    LeftTop = EGP:egpPos(6)
    RightBottom = EGP:egpPos(6) + EGP:egpSize(6)  
    Cursor = EGP:egpCursor(User)
        Buy = 2 

When i do this Buy gets the number 2 for only like 0.3 sec, and the button only flashes green fast, how can i make the Buy variable stay 2 so i can use it in a IF statement ?

Bump. cmon someone gotta know

Post the whole thing, this isnt making sense

the whole thing would make less sense, but anyway i figured it out dont need help anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind sharing how you figured it out for the people who don’t know?