Egypt, 1000 BC

May contain gruesome scenes which are not necessary for children under the age of 10 or anyone who faints at the sight of blood.


Sad thing is that these kinds of comics are better than the generic cesspool we have right now. Masterpiece, by the way. :dance:

drops a bag full of fives on the table

This was amazing.


This. Was. Terrible.

But I still liked it.

i will free eypgt

That was terribly good! :buddy:


It was a good idea but the first post was…well… terrible. There were also a few spelling errors.

Well they are Egyptian people in 1000 BC you can’t expect them to use correct spelling at all times.

Epic win and fail at the same time

Also, “head statues” are called busts.

But I’m pretty sure he’s just trolling.

Egypt is now, officially. A shithole. After my antics there.

Awesome shit. :fuckyou:

when I read this comic… I JIZZED IN MY PANTS :smug:

Really… What the fuck? I know this wasn’t serious but come on atleast put some time into it then throwing a ragdoll and another ragdoll – use the rope tool to look like a whip – just… :goatse: :huh:

or just :sotw: make sure to :george:

what a funny motherfucker, now get the fuck out :smiley:

What the actual fuck.

A tragic and accurate story of the oppression of the… bald caucasian people by the ancient egyptians.

wow you can use emotes. congrats.


Sad and gory ending. But KINDA funny.