Eh, quick question

So on the “Draw a picture to win an alpha key” thread the first reply was banned as it was “Not a picture”.

Why was he banned?

Firstly nowhere in the rules did it state that you HAD to and could only post a picture in reply to the thread. In actual fact there were other people who did the same thing in the posts below who were not banned. It seems this member was banned because he was the first to reply.

Okay so this member had over a thousand posts on this forum. He had been an active member of the community for a long time and he was banned because he had unfortunate timing? He was banned by none other than Garry himself, the one person who you’d expect to show the most professionalism and maturity being the creator of all of this.

People wonder why so many people avoid this forum and consider it to be full of elitist pricks? From lurking around for the past few weeks this seems like one of the worst, most self entitled communities I’ve ever seen. Hell, it’s almost as bad as the MGO community back in 2008. Myself and many other people use alternative forums such a reddit to discuss the game.

P.S. Yes I already have a key from my friend and yes I am on an alt account using a proxy as I know the moderators and Garry alike often share qualities similar to that of Adolf Hitler :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title/crap thread" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt" - postal))