Eiffel Tower Build on Rust you need to see in the next community update :)

I have built with my friend Knight-HD on his server Pandora this giant construction ! You can come check this giant 1/2 scale Eiffel tower we have made !!!


and this is the link for others images !!

Enjoy :wink:

Nice work, This was also built in legacy a year or so ago. I think it was twice as tall as yours.

I thin neel11 has a grudge towards you XD

Nice work OP,you going to make it full metal?

haha yeah i think he does mate, votes Dumb for nearly everything i say oh well haters gonna hate they say.

The admin loved it so much that he decided to copy paste it like 8 times for fun hahahaha look at this, (its now 50% metal :wink: )



this was the most awesome view of a rust construction i have ever had xDDD there are more on my steam profile !!!

but he destroyed it just 5mn after ^^

enjoy :smiley:

I didn’t know you copy and paste buildings, this is with a Mod yes? can these copies be shared and used in other servers?

yes it’s a plugin and you can save this for pasting it after a wipe or you can share the save to paste it on another server ^^