"Eight, nine, ten..." American picking off his German pursuers


And an edit with rain (originally had some grain to it; rain test)


C&C. Please don’t yell at me!

He’s holding the pistol in an odd way. I’d have my arm outstretched.

I’ve never actually fired a pistol (or any gun for that matter), but I’ve heard it’s better to have your arm bent so that it retracts from the kickback and allows the rest of your body to remain unmoved. Although I wouldn’t imagine anyone pulling it back to the degree he has.

Muzzleflash is too large, and those Nazi’s that came later must be really, REALLY, dumb to walk into that room.

Uhhh nooo… nooo that’s a very bad idea…

What do you think is harder to bend, an arm that is locked straight, or an arm that is already partially bent.
With a higher caliber the recoil could send the gun straight into your face.

The “proper” firing technique for a handgun has your dominant hand pushing the gun forward with your off hand over that hand pulling back.


Arm outstretched, of course.

How can he shoot 10 guys if the colt 1911 only holds 7 bullets



Uh the rain is pretty bad. It’s just one layer of motion-blurred grain. Try duplicating layers and applying some gaussian blur to them and motion-blurring them more.


I don’t particularly like the muzzle flash.

It was sort of unintentional. The sandbag’s collision was rejecting my every attempt at using an M1 carbine, so I tried to cram a pistol in there. It sort of worked, but the pose still ended up funky. I almost had to scrap the whole thing at some point.

If you think about it, he could quite possibly have drawn the pistol quickly and not really thought about proper handling (his other hand might be busy or something, too).

I’ll see about doing that next time. I didn’t even know whether it was good or not because the last time I did a pose with rain, nobody mentioned it.

Holy shit is that muzzleflash huge.

I used the small one for the emitter.

My GIMP skills aren’t good enough to do a fake muzzleflash from behind.