Eileen Nurse Outfit Ready to go

Eileen nurse outfit now released

One more silent hill character for you silent hill fans! (Skimpy one too!)
NOTE: She’s a little hard to pose but you can do it!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?zullwap31usu2n4

Some pics:



PS.: Yeah, yeah she has no face or finger posing because I simply dont know how to do it, if someone know of a tut of how to make it just PM me

Credits:Konami - For the amazing game
Mariokart64n - For he’s excellent tutorial
FargoJ02 - For sending me the model

Y’know, call me old fashioned, but I don’t think nurses dress like that.

Well is her ingame name so whatever they wanted to make something sexy

just little question : its possible to create npc with her and the model manipulator tool ? no problem if its not possible ^^ good model btw ^^:smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: , I dont know the I made my own bones so maybe not I’m afraid

You need to rig it onto the Valve Biped for finger posing and you need to use QC Eyes for eye posing.

Looks more like a one piece bathing suit than a nurse suit but hey what do I know I’m a guy.