"EINS, ZWEI, DREI, HAMMER!" - Hammer March.

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Exact frame of inspiration:


Stop, hammer time

God-Damn i knew someone was going to make that joke. :v:

The posing could use some work.

Awesome… Pink Floyd FTW!

How? They’re hammers. Unless that was sarcasm.

I really like the concept, but the compression and the blurry ground textures kind of ruins it for me.

The JPEG compression was unavoidable, As IMGUR automatically turns any PNG over 1mb into a JPEG. I’ll rehost the uncompressed version on my dropbox shortly.

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I couldn’t avoid the blurry grpund textures, That’s just source itself

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Uncompressed PNG Up,


No offense but if you make a Hammertime joke then you evidently didn’t get the reference or the point of the image. Despite me pointing it out multiple times. AKA you didn’t read the OP.

It’s good, but if you’d picked an angle where nearly half of the image isn’t a blank wall it’d be a lot better.

Yeah that was my fault. I was being retarded and the framerate was so low i couldn’t even tick PP boxes properly so i just spammed the camera and this was the best angle i got.

people make hammertime jokes because they are better than the reference


That’s just your opinion. If you don’t like the subject matter it came from. Don’t comment. Simple as.

that’s just, like, your opinion man

Any more C/C?


Well, don’t use PNGs. JPEGs can be just as good and they don’t take forever to load.

The irony causes me pain. I’m not making excuses but earlier someone complained about “JPG compression” so i swapped to a PNG ver.

how to not have jpeg compression: save as full quality jpeg, upload to not shot file host

Irony is a form of humor, if it causes you pain there must be something wrong with your reception.