EINS, ZWEI, DREI, HAMMER! V2 - Electric Hammer-loo

I was unpleased with the original edit i did for this angle so i went with the other one for the original thread, Now i’ve made an edit i’m satisfied with.
Thread Music and Inspiration:

Bloom Free:


Exact frame of inspiration:


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oh jesus aaAAaOOOaOOOoooAOOO my FIIILESS i just realized it’s a terrible edit aaAAAAAaaAOOOOOO YOUR LOVE IS FAAADING

Looks pretty meh.

You need a bigger and more dramatic angle.

Yeah like i said i was unsatisfied with the angle, I only edited it today because i have no new content but i wanted to post /something/ since i am gathering resources for a big pose


what is it with you and bloom/soft glow



If you don’t really have anything to post, don’t do it.
Especially if half of the whole fucking picture is covered by a ugly ass streched textures.

should have just remade it with the composition in the inspiration because your skills with composition are pretty dire

bastard stole my line

what is composition

serious question

Google ‘Rule of Thirds’, that explains most of it.

fuck you i just spent 2 hours trying to remember what that was damnit.

That was intentional.

I remember those Hammers from my childhood when my dad watched that Pink Floyd music video. The marching hammers reminds me of the Nazi march as seen in 1:47 in the vid below

along with the red and black colors. I like the pic, but the composition could be better

[SUP]jesus fucking christ, we get it:[/SUP] YOU LIKE PINK FLOYD!!!

why make a whole new thread?

also, throwing random filters on pictures is hardly editing…

It’s not a music video, It’s a whole movie. The Hammers are an intentional reference to the Nazis, infact the previous two scenes involve a rally and riot(or rather pogrom) caused by fascists.

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Oh OK…

I don’t see you hating on all the STALKER and TF2 pose creators for making new threads for every single pose.

that’s probably because they’re a fuckload more interesting than a bunch of angled hammers

man v man shooty bang bang scene

yep totally interesting.

streched textures v soft light

yep totally interesting.

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oh, theres hammers too?