Ekogese - Dead Gamemode?

Ekogese was developed as a private gamemode for the Team AWOL servers early 2011. However, development pretty much stopped in March. I’m not sure if there’s any point in me doing this but it seems a shame for the script to completely go to waste, but basically I’m just releasing it in it’s current state and maybe, someone might pick it up.

Ekogese is an RPG gamemode, similar in some ways to Underdone, with some features inspired by Fallout and Borderlands.
Some current features:
-Standard level system, various things (at the moment, it’s only killing other players) will give you xp, each level up you get points to spend on stuff.
-Perk Tree, every time you get so many levels you can get perk points, which are spent on the perk tree.
-Inventory and Container system, items can be created and held in containers and in your inventory. This was designed so that multiple people can interact with the same container without issue.
-Randomized weapon system. There are 7 kinds of weapons, Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, AutoRifle, Sniper, SMG and HMG. When a weapon is created, it’s stats are based on a normal distribution, so that extremely good or extremely bad weapons are much rarer than average weapons. I ported some math functions to lua, so as a result, this requires a binary module, the source is included. Weapons also have prefixes which give extra stats, most are just normal things like +5% damage but there are some special ones. Explosive makes bullets explode on impact, Noisy Cricket does extra damage and knockback but when you fire it, you fly backwards and into the air.

Development notes:
The Team and I tried to make sure that this was extremely optimized on bandwidth. A fair amount of things are predictive where possible, however some issues arose with the random weapons. Basically all generated weapons are sent to the client when they join, when the server is reset, or there’s a map change, this table is cleaned so that only weapons that are being used are kept in the table (eg. in someone’s inventory), when a new weapon is generated, everyone is notified.

Some screenshots:




SirWaddles (me) - Lead Coder/Artwork
McSimp - Second Coder
Uno - “Ideas Guy”


Soo, yea. It’s been awhile since this was actively developed so there may be a few issues. I just tried it for a bit and it seemed to work alright.
Don’t really expect this to go anywhere but, who knows.

Looks pretty cool I might down-


I remember this, I thought this was for the now dead RBL?

I tried this gamemode, It appears to work fully. Pretty easy to setup as well.

One thing I noticed is not spawning with ammo/weapons. This made me think the weapon system was broken, And incase anyone else is thinking this…Its not.

You just got to read the code a bit.

The developers each had ties both to AWOL and RBL, so both clans would have probably had access to the gamemode had it ever been finished at the time.

Yea, I probably should have mentioned that actually, since there’s no npcs, nothing drops weapons but you can create a container full of them just by going lua_run TestContainer() or something along those lines, the code for it is in the container entity, there’s also a test console command for spawning ammo boxes aswell.