Elastic Tool Questions


What does these settings actually do? Is there a maximum value/limit for any of these?

Constant= ?
Damping= ?
Relative Damping= ?

Stretch Only= ?

If possible please give me some good suspension settings for cars/tanks/etc… and explain them, that would help me alot and possibly other people.

[At the moment I’m making a Suspension for a vehicle but it always spazzes… wierd…]

Sorry I know there’s these “help” But they are not very specific.

[I have been making suspension types vehicles and even creating my own new suspension ideas, but the troubling thing is I just don’t understand the "Constant, Damping, Relative Damping and stretch only. I always put the highest value for suspension, damping just any value and relative damping too.]

[Please be nice, I’m scared of posting topics in big forums :S(dun know why) and I think posting a picture is good]]

Suspension settings… I find…
20,000-40,000 works best for the constant.
about 100-250 for dampening.
50-100 for relative dampening.
Width doesn’t affect anything other then looks.

so 250 is the Max Damping