Eldar Kain from Legacy of Kain, port please?

Hello there.

I tried to rip Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance (both steam and pirated versions) but failed. So, i searched for already existing models.


Will this be sufficient? I’m looking for tutorials but didn’t get the grasp of it, yet.

Oh, and it would be great and appreciated if someone ported before i did.

none of the normal ripping tools work on this franchise.
there is only one working and usable way of getting the models out of the game.
you need to install the game(sr2) first ofc.
Most of the game’s data is in Bigfile.dat .The file is compressed but can be decompressed using the tool “Soul Spiral” found on

it dumps out .pcm formats.

there is a tool to open the .pcm formats when you have decompressed the bigfile and it can export them to a usable .dae format.
the program can be found here:

it also saves the textures when exporting the model.


have fun

but it also can not guess the original skeletons?

You will have to re rig the models im afraid.
I will not be able to rig them myself since my rigging skills are fairly poor.
Im sorry.

Another method you might try is to look into the game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. There was a DLC for it that replaced the two main characters with Kain and Raziel, I believe using the models from Defiance. I’m not sure what engine it’s on, but there’s a chance it’s easier to extract from.

Defiance models can in fact be ripped from the game using dxripper or equivalent but i like sr2’s style much better. And raziel is on the workshop if im correct…