Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Girls !

Someone can ported these models from oblivion? :ohdear:




And especially the nude model :smug:





That we would have another naked body than FakeFactory :wink:


What’s this?! No Argonian Girls?! This thread sucks!

Lizard women rock. :q:

Semi-supportive of this, though I’d more look forward to a port of Sheogorath. The world needs more Madgods.

Last I heard about porting from Oblivion, custom faces like these ones were impossible to do, unless you grabbed them with 3DRipper DX… but that would just be a pain in the ass.

They’re probably impossible to do because of how the engine makes the faces - active deformation of the model during the character creation process, within certain boundaries and of specific vertexes.

I thought that the fact that you can’t really port faces from Gamebryo engine was known by all by now, so I kind of thought he maybe meant the bodies…
But they wouldn’t really look good with just vanilla female heads from Half-Life 2.

You can download the body here
You can download the Heads and a lot off haircuts here

Easy to import in 3dsmax ( .nif files)


Heasy to make them nude


This would be so epic; my only problem would be the ears :C

With another haircuts




a perfect body, isnt it? :smug:

Yes, perfect body. The page you have entered allows you to download models into the game Oblivion, but whether these models can be transferred to Gmod? Oh, perfect body, perfect body …


No, they can, what are you smoking?

Those arent perfect bodies either.

Hmmm… let’ see.

1: included refs/pics of request
2: included links to help out with the porting process
3: boobies

Other then waiting to find out weather or not these would be portable, the fact that you followed these guidelines will guarantee quick porting

I’ve actually been trying to do these for some time. I just can’t make a phymodel, despite trying for some time. I actually did get someone to help once, but we couldn’t get it to work because of file format problems.

So if anyone can make a decent phymodel in blender, I can release plenty of these models.

fuck yeah!

I would really like see this ported, go gman!

Thx for trying! And if you used the bones and physmodel from a model of HL2? it would not work?

Well, the bones wouldn’t - I’m able to import using the Oblivion skeleton (all 198 bones, if I want), which is completely incompatible.

I’m trying to get another phymodel rigged to it, but I’m having some difficulties, especially since I don’t have much experience with that tool.

So, if anybody wants to give a shot at rigging a phymodel to the Oblivion skeleton in Blender, I can send those files. I’d offer the same for other editors, but, having tried that already, it is highly unlikely to work.

This man speaks the truth. Gman003, I don’t suppose you ported any of them…?

Once I get a fucking phymodel, I should be able to port all the humanoid models - human, argonian, khajiit, dremora, etc.

However, don’t get your hopes up too high. This “project” has been going on for over a year now, and has gotten pretty much nowhere in that time. Odds are, this time won’t be any different.

I’m glad to hear someone shares my tastes in Lovely Lizard Lasses[sp](Lavishly Licking Lords ‘n’ Ladies)[/sp]. :buddy:

H4lf-D3ad have may be the solution! Try to see with him to get the bones and physmodel