Brand new rust++ server with starter kits, 2x resource gather, xtra resource spawn, removal tool, Airdrops and a jump start weekend event happening this Saturday! We are active admins, open to ideas. Our weekend jump start will be a huge creative build session in the morning followed by the issuing of SUPPLY Drop Grenades! We will not be wiping the server. All buildings or materials you get will be yours to keep. So build 'em up, and build 'em strong! Youre gonna need it. See You there!!


I can’t wait for the event to start. It should be a blast. Additionally, we built a 17x8 PvP arena, there is a tower in the center with a wood storage crate on it. We will be placing guns, ammo, blueprints, etc in there throughout the day and announcing it. Then the fun will begin.

Also, we have built stash houses around the map, they will contain crates and possibly rad animals. So be careful when you decide to raid them.

If you guys enjoy yourselves you can join us at electricgamers.enjin.com to keep up with everything that we have planned. You can also submit your own ideas anytime!

Great Server i love playing on this server! Great staff loads of fun, just need more people. Events and kits given and supported by the staff increase the fun on this server and make it different inexperience then any other server. One of a kind server JOIN NOW!

Are kick off event is happening now! PVP arena, supply drops, massive build kits! The action is happening now!!


This server is complete shit… first event air drops come by and i go for them to collect i kill three people and because of the rage of other players then admin kicked me. This staff team has no power for themselves and they rather kick players then keep them. Most disgusting pitiful childishness server ive ever been on.

Aim mod. You clearly hacked. We dont allow that here.

i dont hack i shot at them when they were looting air drops and sacks and i was kicked because of shooting three people with 2 clips of a pistal