Electricity and other things

I was thinking it would be nice if you could start conducting electricity, like say, via a windmil. Electricity could then be used for say electric fences and in house lighting. It would add a cool raid element of “cutting the power”.

Lighting in bases is certainly an issue in my mind. It would be nice to be able to create at least oil lamps that we could hang in the house. Sitting in the house, in the dark is no fun.

I would be happy with “Low Quality Fuel” Lanterns

Fuel lanterns would be great and they’d give fuel a purpose after you make a furnace.

edit: another purpose. I’ve played hardcore servers so much I forgot they were used in explosives.

Maybe we could make use of a “your my bitch now”, and give them a tread-mill to walk to generate power? Chuck em a bit of oink/woof-chook now and then so they don’t starve?

but seriously, electricity crossed my mind - I like the windmill idea very much, (esp. for torture)… ^^

You still need low grade fuel for constructing Explosive Charges.

Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s been so long since I played on a server with craftable explosives I forgot the recipe.

Does anyone ever do any research and see what’s been talked about and planned?

Electricity is something that they would like to implement.
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