Electricity idea.

I thought of a way that they can implement lights and search lights for a wall if your trying to set up a compound, A generator were you need to put fuel in it in order for it to work properly also just to be cool mabie some concrete walls with barbed wire ontop? definitely this game is very clan friendly alot funner to play with a clan then by yourself especially if its a militarized clan.

I like this idea. Of course, if you had a generator giving structures that you and your friends make it kinda makes you a huge target for raiders unless you are heavily fortified and are packing a lot of heat to fend off any would-be raider.

Tesla Coil towers like red alert.
Or tone it down and just do electric fences… but that’s boring.

This Is a Really Good Idea But What about this

Make it Like a WireMod system in Garry’s Mod.
Add different Generation methods like in Minecraft tekkit
*Solar Panels
*Wind Energy
*Wood Generator

Very Usefull parts that should be added
*Electric Lights
*Electric Fence
*Electric Furnace
*Keypad Door Lock system (like in Gmod DarkRP)

System Should be Easy to use not as difficult as WireMod but not as simple as Redstone

Perhaps make it modular lines placeable on flat surfaces (not terrain), walls, ceilings (for lights to work)


Perhaps Make it cost 3 low Quality Metal To make 1 Piece of wire.

Scaling How Big should a piece of Wire be?

How bout a 1/4 of the Height of a wall?

their are 2 kinds of door ,just add one more type so owner can let certain people in his house or anybody scan open that door.