Electricity in Rust


First , i don’t speak english very well, i am sorry for that.

I was reading community update 12 last day and i was thinking about the keys system. Why not electricty, with lot of steel, blue print, and unique item we can find in the map, we could craft an generator. It will run with oil and make noise and smoke. We can hide it in the middle of the house, but if it run out of fuel , no electricty and if your are using a digital key for the main door you can’t open it without blowing it. If you hide the generator outside the house, under some rock or wathever, you can re-fill it with oil.

In any case you will have to use wire, so raider can cut the wire and disable all security system like lights. All night you use some light all around your place to be sure no one is hiden in mid range, a good sniper with bolt action rifle can destroy the light, or better the generator. If your door was open and the generator fall, you can’t lock it.

We can think at a lot of thing that can work on electricty:

  • cooking system, no need for a camp fire in the middle of the night
  • light with switch, if you haven’t think about switchs it’s your problem
  • warming system, same for cooking , no need for camp fire
  • new tool for building ( drill or grinder for exemple )
  • re-loading stuff you can find and that work on battery, torch, talkie walkie to talk with friend, gun’s laser and torch …

You will have to use one or more generator, depending on the need … More generator equal more noise and more oil to craft.

An other thing that could be fun is to steal electricty. You find someone’s generator, hiden outside of his house, runing quitly. Some option, you live far away from here, so maybe you can steal the oil or the wires. You are just his neigtbourgs, why not use some wire ( that you might have stolen … ) to use a bit of his electricty for little things in your house. If you have tons of thing , his little weak generator will stop all day and he will try to understand.

For the generator itself, i think we should be able to make a lot of different model. One you have find in rad city, brand new, just need oil. One you have made with a car’s engine or whaterver that use gas engine and a lot of crafting. We should be able to ad later one or two mufler to reduce the noise. Maybe it could be cool to make some other type of generator, wind turbine, steam one, or maybe hamster weel powered by some of your team/slave.

Maybe a repost, i don’t know. What do your think about it? I think that will not be so hard to add, all of this is in garry’s mod ( with wires mod and stuff ).