Electricity? Let's discuss it...

I know someone out there may rate this as late, but still, eventually there will be electricity, and we should discuss it.

How will it work? They are adding a windmill, and maybe generators, but how will the wires work?

Will you be able to wire your house?

Will you be able to place wires down on the floor, ceiling, or wall?

Let’s brainstorm a bit and see what will possibly happen.

I’ve always enjoy wiring systems with logic gates. I know that’s cliche, but I feel like it rewards cleverness above all, and that’s pretty damn cool.

In a Rust sense, I’d hope that wiring took the form of beat up old extension cords. On walls and ceilings it would hang down as if stapled in place. If an enemy saw it, they’d be able to destroy that section and whatever you had hooked up would die until it was reconnected. Maybe for logic component, we could have old, beat-up hacked cellphones that connected to each system and allowed you to determine behavior.

For generators, maybe they out-put as long as you had fuel in them, and each would have a set output. You could hook up battery banks for spare juice in case somebody takes out a generator. Windmills would work in certain weather conditions, and could also be hooked up to batteries.

In the end, a system like what I just proposed (while awesome) is probably way too ambitious. I can dream though.

Exactly. I love that idea man.

They already said they won’t be wires at the start. It will have a radius like buildingzones. It may change later on I guess.

They said that so long ago though…

They could have completely changed their minds.

As long as they keep it simple I don’t really care.

I think the most simple thing would be making wires and some electrical devices attachable to all the different building parts.

I would really like ceiling or wall mounted lights with scavenged looks.

Concerning the cables, I’ve had the Idea of copper cables that you attach at two ends. They could be attached to a power source, a turret or anything else using electricity and to building parts. Those would be “leading the electricity” from the power source via several building parts to the electric device.

Those wires should be visible on the floors / walls etc. and cuttable and also they should deliver a shock to somebody who is attempting to cut a cable with a hatchet, pickaxe or other wooden / metal tool.
There could be wire cutters for professional wire cutting that will make you able to cut the turret’s power supply or just turn somebody’s lights off at night and talk in a spooky way.
Code locks could be energy dependent too.

Having a radius zone like they said in the past might be the best method atm.Cables could work at a later date when the game is optimized for it (it’s allot of work to get it to work right in Unity)

Zones for now, cables later. Fine for me. Waiting for such a basic thing for months now.

Building your own lamps and roadlapms could be cool :badzing:

I concur with the general conclusion.

wiring doesn’t seem like it would be a fun thing to do in game. After you build your base, now you have to go through the whole thing and lay down wires for lights? tedious to say the least.

I like the range idea, also maybe you would have to attach the generator/windmill/solar panels to the structure it provides power to. In this case it would make sense to keep it inside so random naked passerbys can’t take your fuel or destroy your machine.

A suggestion for wires, could be to have a special kind of wall to build, that has wires on it somewhere (could be all types of walls, windows, doorways - with a wire-upgrade), but only possible to have those walls with windmill or generator nearby. Clearly this would only be cosmetic, but a lot of people would probably enjoy that alone, I know I would.

What if it laid the wire automatically?
Like it had a radius, and simply attached a wire to the appliance.
I know there’s some problems with this, but that would be pretty cool.

The part of rust that aren’t “fun things” I call the “work aspect”. The work aspect is the stuff you have to do in order to get your stuff going, the grinding some people have been complaining about. Its basically reduced to gathering resources, wood in particular.
I would love to see the wood gathering rates increase once again. But there need to be other things that a player has to do, another kind of “work” to replace the time you currently waste on chopping down trees.
I’d prefer to tinker with cables and electric devices instead of hitting trees 1000s of times with my axe.

I imagine instead of increasing current gather rates, they plan to add better ways of harvesting, like chainsaws, or other wacky scrappy Rust looking tool.

I would love to see a scenario where you have flood lights with wires dangling from them connecting to generators and you could snipe out the wires to shut off the lights as you approached the base. Would make base defence and raiding so much more interesting let alone all the other uses electricity could have.

I’d be fine with a radius zone instead though as I know how fiddly wiring could be to get right and not be buggy as hell.

Why not shoot the light bulbs?

They have other things they want to work on. I could list a ton of basic things but they can’t add them all in straight away because development takes time.

Screw shooting wires or bulbs that’s to noisy why not incorporate some sort of wire cutters, that is if they ever use wires I personally think the tool cabinet style is the only way to make electricity work.