[release][tab]Name:[/tab] ElectricOnslaught_b13

[tab]Version:[/tab] 13

[tab]Description:[/tab] This is an edited version of OnslaughtV2 that adds electric fences and a few other things.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod, a mid-high range computer for no lag

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=25512 [/release]

In this map you build a fort with your friends and defend it against waves of zombies, combine, antlions and other monsters.
When you have built your fort and are ready to start the attack, press the button on the brick block in the middle of the map.

Beta 13 of Electric Onslaught adds these things (vs. the stock Onslaught map):

electric fences
mounted AR2s









Remember which side each type of monster comes from and construct your fort accordingly. (eg: high fences on the antlion side)
Design the fort so that you can move around quickly and have a clear shot at the sky for when helicopters show up.
If you happen to be insane and decide to run a non-passworded public server of this, I would strongly suggest you move the button used to start the attack well away from the build area early on.

To avoid lag:

Don’t make your fort overly complex; if a wall can be made out of 1 cargo can rather than 10 Phoenix props, use it!
Try to avoid lighting a lot of zombies on fire at one time.
If you are hosting, turn your graphics settings down a bit.
Shut down all other programs that don’t need to be running before you start Gmod.

I haven’t much time to look into it, but there are a ton of console commands you can use to improve performance; example: changing the g_ragdoll commands to make ragdolls fade out faster and setting r_shadows to 0 to turn off all shadow rendering.

To give you an idea of how well this runs, I have an AMD 3800+, 1GB RAM, 7600GS 512MB graphics with a 4000kbs/400kbs cable modem. I have the graphics settings turned up all the way and I am able to get 20FPS or better when under full attack on this map and about 40 the rest of the time.

Known bugs:

You can delete map entities such as the start button and the spawner with the remover gun.
The ladders only work if you snap them to 90 degree angles in the XZ direction and 45 in the Y direction.
You can climb on the ladder button on the spawner because it’s a ladder texture. :smiley:
I think it might be possible to accidentally move the damage trigger on the fences separate from the fence prop.
The AR2s tracers do not show up to the player that is shooting, only to other players.
Medkits and other items do not respawn once taken.

I will be fixing these things for the next release, post if you have any suggestions or bugs to report!


Shanjaq: Making the original OnslaughtV2
5NTG6: Editing, adding stuff, testing
Veritas: Beta testing, suggestions for map
Moose: Asking me for a copy of this map over Steam friends, after the thread on it had been dead for over 2 years, prompting me to get back to work on it due to continued interest.

Download link if you missed it at the top:


EDIT: Updated version out. Refer to this post for more details: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?p=8360024#post8360024

Download link:

Yay! One of my favorite features is the mounted ar2.
Nice fort in the screenshots, and nice map!

Hey did you save that base you made if you did can you post it? please


But when you start it, does it make all props breakable? if not all you have to do is make a box of containers and put fences around them, get a tv and food, sit back and enjoy.

Just watched video. Nearly choked at the epicness I witnessed. I am getting my Community group to play this as much as possible. :vomit:

Nice fort too.

Greatest onslaught map yet.


Yeah, I used “zorz”. Sue me.

Thanks for the comments guys. :smiley:

Unfortunately, I do not have a save. :frowning:

It doesn’t make all the props breakable but the striders fix that problem. I’ve seen this a few times, they can kick welded and frozen props right out of the way.

I got a bug, Some how when you are holding a electric fence and you bumb into a teleporter, everything except your “HUD” is turned like at a 10 degree angle, and you cannot get out of it unless you commit suicide. I will post pictures later.

Fixing that now, looks like the preserve angles flag is messing things up. Thanks.

This is AWESOME! soo cool, Keep on with this i love it. Also could you reveal any new featured spawning things like the fences or Mouted ones?

I LOVE this, you should make things like a nuke button that makes a massive explosion and then it deactivates zombeh spawnin

I believe I have seen this before, a long time ago.

Dude, too bad I am at school or it would already be downloaded. But this is awesome! :smiley: AARRGGH! You get King of Mapping!

Add things like ammo crate spawner’s (example; the crates were when you push e they open and reload a set weapon type) If you add that you have a win map/game mode.

Another thing - does this work with Gmod BETA 2007?

I’ve seen this before… Updated version?

It does. I tested it and it ran fine.

Awesome, plus the g_ragdoll_ blah blah tha cuases the ragdolls to vapourize works perfect, meaning less lagg :smiley: man i loved when i spawned 300 friendly turrets and 20 vorts and made by base and nuked evrything, then came the striders… i spawned a hundred of Teta’s TNTs and down they went.

Hmm mm gonna play this with cds turned on to increase epicness.
By the sounds of it i am crazy