Electrisoma's Source 2 Portfolio

I’ve been working on quite a few maps, I’m just gonna post pictures and the status of the aforementioned maps.
I also intend on this post being updated constantly, or just making replies with updates/ new maps

  • Dm_stack

status: on hold
completion: 98%
note: this is my first deathmatch themed map, i named it “dm_stack” because of the stacked layout, i personally think that it would be interesting to have a vertical themed deathmatch map

  • Dm_pillars

status: on hold
completion: 75%
note: this is my second attempt at a deathmatch map, this map has a few problems, notably the huge sight line in the middle that stretches all the way to each team’s open spawn

  • Sb_flatgrass (my version)

status: on hold
completion: 85%
note: i was making this while i was banned from the forums/ my account was on hold. im mostly just working on this map because i wanted to have my own spin on flatgrass

  • Dm/ctf_cargo

status: on hold
completion: 75%
note: this is my most recent attempt at making a deathmatch map, this time its also ctf. i also wanted it to have a layout that seems like it would be in tf2, i think it has a pretty good layout currently. it also has a mechanic where a car will drive by on the road between 1-2 minutes, and if it hits you it’ll insta-kill you

  • Enclosure

status: cancelled
completion: 25%
note: this was my first attempt at map making, it was also a horror themed map, i ended up cancelling it because it used too many modded assets, maybe i’ll make another map like it in the future

  • (no title)

status: cancelled
completion: 30%
note: this was one of my first maps, i cancelled it because it used too many modded assets, and it was intended to be a sandbox map for me to just test shit out



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thanks :+1:

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looks really good
cant wait to see more of your works

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  • Dm_pillars
    completion: 75%
    note: this is my second attempt at a deathmatch map, this map has a few problems, notably the huge sight line in the middle that stretches all the way to each team’s open spawn

Have you tried moving the red & blue spawn areas to the bottom left and top right corners of the map respectively? Maybe add a couple more pillars…

Elegant and simple way to solve the issue, I believe.

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Vertical themed death match would definitely be a unique take on a classic game mode. I really cannot think of where I have seen such a concept without immediately going towards flood maps where you are raised up, or a high rise map which is just simply lifted into the sky and have the ability to fall. I get what you mean when you want to theme it vertically as compared to horizontal and will be following to see what you have in store.

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thanks, im working on another deathmatch map that im currently deciding a name for

i actually didnt think of that, whenever i get to it im probably gonna use the method you described

6/6/2021 update

basically all i added to the list is 1 new map that im working on.

  • Dm_park (name probably not final, i might keep it)

status: active development
completion: 99%
note: i made this because i wanted to make a really simple deathmatch map, but it slowly evolved into this park map. but what makes this map different from my other deathmatch maps, is that there’s 6 (3 main doors directly outside the spawn door and 3 behind the first 3) different routes you can go when exiting spawn, so this makes it a little harder to spawn camp, and it makes it a little more fun.

also in the screenshots there’s a few lighting bugs, but that’s because i took the screenshots from the editor
and there’s a fountain in the 3rd screenshot that’s unfinished, so it has the word “placeholder”

6/7/2021 update

ive decided that i want to keep the name “Dm_park”
and i added a few plants and fixed collisions so you can bounce around freely without being sent to the fucking pits of hell, or jump into the enemy’s spawn room.

  • Dm_park

status: active development (almost complete)
completion: 99.5%
note: the only real differences are the amount of plants and fences, i added an invisible wall preventing players from escaping the map, and this invisible wall also blocks the top of each spawn room. this is a change that i feel is kinda required, because it prevents cheating

but it’s not done, ideally getting access to s&box would allow me to finish the map, most of the textures and assets are placeholders (such as the fountain), but it should be a relatively easy conversion to s&box assets (if i get access)

6/8/2021 update

fixed a few issues with Dm_pillars and Dm_stack.
and polished them up

  • Dm_pillars

status: on hold (again)
completion: 99%
note: i used a fix that was recommended (thanks Gyran, and i polished up the pillars to make them more aesthetically pleasing

  • Dm_stack

status: on hold (again)
completion: 99%
note: i made a gap between the different levels, this fixed all the vis related issues

6/9/2021 (nice) update
I made a concept for an underground subway for the slender gamemode

  • (no title atm)

status: active development (super early)
completion: 15%
note: this was a map concept that i made for the slender gamemode, i felt like an underground subway would work really well with slender

6/14/2021 update
I made a sandbox map

also the things im experimenting with are colored lighting, lighter color pallet, and even lighting

Get this man a key!!

6/17/2021 update

i finished my sandbox map and am making a new deathmatch map with a quaky artstyle

i still dont have a name for any of these

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6/18/2021 update
i updated my quake inspired deathmatch map to now have (probably temporary) spawn rooms, these spawn rooms also have the nice automatic doors i made for dm_park and dm_cargo

(untitled as of now)

this is the door in action

status: active development
completion: 50%
note: i changed the floor to see how none hla assets would look, but i feel like the previous textures do a better job for now

6/20/2021 update
i added a new route for the players to go after spawning
i also tweaked the fog a bit so it’s not too extreme
and i made the spawnroom look nicer

status: still in active development
completion: 75%
note: this update was mostly cosmetic, but the only none-cosmetic upgrade was that i made the spawnrooms now have an alternate route to exit from

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7/1/2021 update
i made a few new maps
but this time im playing around with artstyles again
i landed on a cartoonish vibrant artstyle because i feel like it suits the game well

  • DM_Metro

status: on hold for until i feel like updating
completion: 75%
note: i started basing my maps off of liminal spaces, so this is basically just a cartoony liminal space

  • SB_Flatgrass (again)

status: done
completion: 99%
note: i wanted to replace the current flatgrass in s&box, so i recreated the original. also i already made a version of flatgrass, but this one is better

  • SB_ParkingGarage

status: mostly done
completion: 80%
note: this map is very similar to current construct in s&box, but it’s different enough to be its own