Elefant Hunting

how to grass get unshitted on


and a buncha of extras just cause



Nice stuff, mate.

Beautiful. Where did you get the Jagdtiger(?) model in the third picture if you don’t mind me asking.

Just awesome. very well done.

Nice posing, especially on the guy

Tis a Jagdpanther II

Anyway its in this pack here

Oooh, sweet pictures yo!

First picture looks good, but that super gross grass is kinda ugly. Love it otherwise.

Dude, you could’ve applied super dof on the first one and the shit grass in the front would’ve blurrred out & not looked so ugly.

Superdof does miracles, great work regardless!
Rest of the pics are awesome, some of them have brilliant lighting !

I wanted to use the poster command because the AA on the tank and on the guys was really bad for some reason, and apparently you cant use poster and SDoF at the same time for whatever reason

What is this poster command (haven’t started gmod in a while)? Sdof is definitly the most important ingame postprocessing, if it conflicts with another, pick sdof. It smoothes the picture and gives it that clean, rendered feel.

Type in Poster 2 (or any other number) and it multiplies the resolution in the screenshot by that, which helps with AA

oh hey i made these