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Lock this thread, as it’s pointless seeing as my coder has left me because of me being a complete and utter dickhead, don’t join my community.

Interesting, but what makes your server different from the rest? Add screenshots + more information and you will probably get more players.

Well we’ve got our own custom weapons shop for the ZS server and a point system that you gain points when killing a zombie. You will require certain amount of points for certain items in the shop, different and powerfuller items (Including cading equipment) will be unlocked throughout the waves and will cost considerably more. The points gained are different from the types of zombie, so say you kill a poison zombie you’ll gain more points than killing a normal zombie or a fast zombie.

I will get screenshots momenterally.


[ul][li]Added some screenies.[/li][*]Added alot more information.[/ul]

Do what the top post says, I’ve given up on this.