Elevator Doors That Hang

Hello, I first want to apologize for my bad English, but I use google translation! ^^
Basically, my problem is this: I wanted to copy the elevator from the rockford police station, but the problem is, the doors get stuck! :frowning:
I did everything to copy the elevator but without results. :frowning:
If there is a way to correct this, it would be cool to let me know! ^^

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

For info, I did exrpès not to put anything around the door to see if it walked with nothing beside.

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PS: elevator walks nickel except doors …: /

The buttons got outputs to Open the doors ?

OnPressed door_name Open

Did you set moving direction for the doors? or i understood your problem incorrect

yes :slight_smile:

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I don’t know, I just copied it and change name! x)

Heh that’s explains alot

you need to set direction in door’s parameters measuring from top view of the map

Thank you very much! It’s work wel!! :smiley:

Sorry, I was wrong, it does not work! :frowning:

What is the door doing now? If it is not working, what was working earlier? Because you are using a translator, can you show us a video, or pictures?

I put a video above, I took the elevator from the Rockford Police Station.
In fact, the doors move just a little bit but no more! :frowning:

You changed the Move Direction to the correct direction? The only reason why they would move like that, is because they are not moving in the right direction.

She was already good before … : /

Open the properties for your door, click on Move Direction, and then send us a picture of the entire settings window. Also give us a picture of your “top (x/y)” 2 dimensional grid view of the door. If we can rule this out as the problem, then we can look at something else.

Send me your map file. I’ll fix it for you.

Here’s the part of the map! :slight_smile:


PS : I have a small problem with the garage door in the garage of the building, it would be cool to correct it to me! ^^


There you go. I fixed the way that the doors move. Pay attention to which way the “Move Direction” circle is now facing.

Happy holidays.

That would not create a new topic ask here. There is a button and a door, you need to when you press the button to open the door, if you press the button again to close the door. While it turns out only to open the door, I read that you want to use logic_relay? But how to set up everything that is not reached yet

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

Merci bcp! :smiley: