Elevator Help

So I’m trying to make a simple elevator that only travels to two floors. The difference between my elevator and the other tutorials that I’ve seen is that I have four buttons: Call Elevator to 1st Floor, Call Elevator to 2nd floor, Move Elevator from 1st-2nd Floor, and Move Elevator from 2nd-1st Floor. The two that call the elevator are working correctly, but when I try to press the button that moves the elevator to the second floor it makes this weird noise and doesn’t move. I’ve discovered some weird bug where I hold the ‘E’ key and I can control the elevator with ‘W’ and ‘S’? No matter what I’ve tried it doesn’t seem to want to work.

I’ve set the two buttons to StartForward, StartBackward, Toggle on both of them and nothing seems to work. Help :frowning:


Use a func_door or func_movelinear for something that simple.

Why would a func_door work instead of an elevator >.>?

A func_door or func_movelinear for an elevator that moves into one direction is totally enough, much easier to control and causes less trouble.

func_door would spaz out if a player was touching it.

Movelinear would work in a similar manner to tracktrain, but it just depends what you want to use. There is no better way. Movelinear is quicker to set up, but then you have already set up the paths, so its not too much bother really.

Use a func_movelinear.

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A lot neater

And a func_track train tutorial :slight_smile:

Func_tracktrain combined with a path will allow you to make a fully auto lift system. Whereas doors auto close / open when the lift reaches certain point(s).