Elevator: source, Door problems

I’m having an issue hosting this gamemode.

i’ve got the files on the server, i’ve got ep2 mounted, and i can start the game without problems. The issue is that the doors wont open, but i can walk right through them and the elevator starts just fine, but then when it reaches a floor, it makes the sound of the doors opening but they don’t and it wont let anyone out of the elevator, but you can hear the sounds and stuff of the floor. Also, for some reason you can’t see your watch with Left click, i can see other people’s models doing it but they don’t see the watch either.

Is there anyway to fix this? i’ve been looking around the forum and i’ve seen that the mod had lots of issues when gmod 13 came out, but i can play the game in SP without problems so something must be wrong with my server. I would gladly give any information about the server that you’d need to know.

This is the error i get in the console

Dynamic prop elevator_lobby_door: no sequence named:open

And thanks in advance!

There might be a corrupted or missing file in the gamemode.
Try a fresh reinstall of the gamemode, and see if you have the same problem.

As an experiment, you could copy your singleplayer files over into the server, and see if those work too.

i love you, is working like a charm.

i’ll try and do that next time things aren’t working! thanks a lot man!