Elexis enjoys the warmness of the sun

Howdy Folks, :clint:

It’s been a while (again) since I posted something outside of the SPMt.
Well, actually, this Pic comes from the SPMt but I felt it was too good to just lay around there.

So, I’ve made her put on her bikini again. :biggrin:


It might look rather simple and it appears as if it did not received alot of extra-touch but take a look at the original picture.
I think you should see, that I’ve put on at least a bit of effort to make her look smooth.
The sunglasses are a mixture of model and Paint.NET.
I posed the Aviator-glasses model on her, let Elexis dissapear and re-formed the glasses with Paint.NET.

For the naughty ones of you, head over to the Sexpose Megathread, if you wanna’ see them titties. :pervert:

Allright, so what do you people think of this crap ?
Post your comments, ratings and critisism about it.
Thank you. :love:

Well if she can afford a nice house, a pool, tables & chairs, I think she might be able to afford a beach chair or w/e (one of those foldable chairs)

But yeah, nice picture you got there

Maybe a little too glowy…but still sexy.

Map name, please?

Honest to Chaos, I would have posed her on something like this but there weren’t any ones on the map and there no models for something like this.
F@#k, Even a towel would have made the deal but it also doesn’t exist for Gmod either.

Glow had to be done to emphasize warm sunshine. :biggrin:
Map ?
Hold on, lemme’ see … It was de_ocean_shishi.

For a second there, I thought it said Ellis.

oh crap

Ahaha, Don’t worry I kow what you mean. It still looks pretty Sexy if do say so my self :smug:

Who wears boots to the pool
But sexy

@Noteloc & dylankilledtupac:
That’s the whole point of this pose … to look sexy.
Look, Demonskul proofed it by fapping to it. (Sorry Dude, no hostility intended :wink:)

Oh and about the boots:
I know what you mean but at first this was intended as a post for SPMt and therefor it should look like a photo-session, rather then a sunbath at the pool.

Thank you for the comments so far. Please, keep 'em comming. :love:

Nipple slip :pervert: