Elexis Sinclaire

fallen in love with shadows

Can it be…


Has actually more sense than Faraon pictures.

so when i post an image of barney under harsh lighting heavily shadowed i get 5 winners, but when i post a serious image of elexis sinclaire under harsh red lighting heavily shadowed i get 5 dumbs???

i will never understand the absolutely schizophrenic logic of this section of FP.

Do something out of the ordinary = winner
Do the same thing twice = boring and un-interesting. (and dumb)

You are schizophrenic

i will use more variety then.

also, schizophrenia would be me creating one image of a cat on fire, and then another of anglo-zanzibarian relations in the 1860’s.

Ok it’s confirmed.

Drsalvador 2013

No the most popular images here usually are ordinary. Just executed better.

But you can’t deny that something simple can be as well received as something ordinary without a lot of effort put into it simply by being out of the ordinary?

Hence why it can be driven into the ground faster, because it’s simple.

It’s Mastermind’s new 2nd in command.

i knew it from day one, get on my level scrub

you’re too predictable, deathbucket

I will juat say this, its boring.