Elfen Lied - Lucy

I am requesting both a skin and a model. Her name is Lucy from Elfen Lied. I really like this anime, yes I do like anime, and me and my friend really wanted Lucy as a model. I want to use her in a comic I’m making. I would really like it if the helmet was a seprate model. I’m probably asking for alot here but I would really be appriciated if someone did this. Here are some refrence shots. If you need any more pictures just ask. And the helmet I’m talking about is the one in the third picture. Oh and please do not make a nude model!




EDIT* Only make it face posible…

I thought lucy was an evil censored and happy lucy had a different name… but I only read the wiki a long time ago after I read an Elfen Lied fancomic that was really weird. anyways, I can’t model, but it is a good idea.

Lucy is the “killing” side. I don’t want to say evil because she changes over time. And Nyuu is the happy side.

okay then, just making sure. still, it’s a good idea.

Is anyone willing to take on my request?

I don’t think so, that is a big project, and people would only undertake such a task if they were really interested.
Sorry, but a ragdoll with faceposing/fingerposing would take quite a long time, not to mention the difficulty.

they don’t have to do the face and finger posing at the same time. I wouldn’t mind just have face or finger posing.

That would be time consuming, i would love that model too but for something for what your asking an avarage person would not have enough time or patience to do it by them self.

Something like that quality i would only expect it from a company or some crazy person who lives of modelling (no offence to those who apply)
I could work on the helmet but the body, I have a womans body on my computer collecting dust but it looks to mature for lucies body.

Lucy and Nyuu:

Her name is lucy and after an armour piercing bullet hit her on the head (helmet on of course) she goes unconcios and developes a split personallity who is dumbfound can only make a sound ‘Nyuu’ hence her name
Lucy when crazy after a series of events in her life that made her a killer and yeah, i don’t want to spoil any more.

Digi you wouldnt mind making the helmet then would you? I would really appriciate it!

Yeah I suppose I could have a try at it i don’t suppose you have any episodes on your computer? I’m missing two episodes.

Only the last one. I had to watch them all over youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m missing episodes Four and Nine with english subtitles.


If some one has ‘Daz studio’ (free) and has ‘Akio’ could they hex it for me?

Why don’t you want a nude model?
:stuck_out_tongue: fully posable :stuck_out_tongue:
Just joking.

Can one model of her have the phantom arms? I’d say 4 of them of about 3-4 body lengths and 3 elbows each. Also can they be transparent(ie Volume Light)?

I guess I could make her Vectors, she does have four of them.
Could some one make a shader for them? It’s a cloudy white smoke that moves.


Ok so GMOD10 has been out for awhile now but I was really wondering if somone would make this lucy model! It only needs to be faceposible. Please will someone do this!? That’s all I really want…please…don’t worry about the vectors(invisible arms) becuase I can find out a way to do that in photoshop…please someone do this!

I really want it too…

I be really nice if those thumbnails actually linked to a larger picture, hmm.

I MUST have the model.

Is anyone going to make it?

This is way long over a year old. It’s likely an abandoned project by now.